Asian Americans for Civil Rights & Equality (AACRE) is a network of 11 progressive grassroots groups serving distinct Asian American communities (e.g., recent refugees/immigrants, incarcerated/formerly incarcerated, South Asian, queer and trans people). Individual AACRE groups have widely varying current capacities, ranging from all-volunteer groups (Alliance of South Asians Taking Action, APEX Express, Hyphen, Network on Religion and Justice, VietUnity, Visibility Project), to small but professionally staffed groups (Asian Prisoner Support Committee, Lavender Phoenix, Hmong Innovating Politics, Asian Refugees United), to Chinese for Affirmative Action, a well-staffed legacy civil rights group that has been a lead partner in large scale coalitions such as Stop AAPI Hate

AACRE established a Safety Pod whose goal is to create community-based and collective responses to harm. These responses are rooted in social justice values that cultivate strong trusting relationships that open up lines of communication, build support for people, and develop policies based on learned and lived experiences. AACRE Values inform all of our work and include: Compassion, Embracing Risk, Principled Leadership, Creativity, Reciprocal Learning, Inclusion, Community Engagement, Collaboration, Liberation, & Solidarity. 

The AACRE Safety Pod seeks a consultant that will: 

  • Support the culture building process of incorporating transformative justice practices throughout the AACRE network. 
  • Provide best practices when navigating spaces with multiple layers of leadership and transformative justice capacity building 
  • Conduct a comprehensive online transformative justice training series for the staff, leadership and volunteers of the AACRE network. 
  • Ten hour series, occurring July-September 2024 TBD

This series should include: 

  • An overview of transformative justice and how it relates to restorative justice and healing justice 
  • An overview of how trauma impacts the brain 
  • An understanding of accountability and how it impact organizers 
  • How personal responsibility is embedded into transformative justice practice  
  • Culturally appropriate case studies of transformative justice in action 
  • Opportunities for staff/leadership input and engagement 
  • Set up and run the Zoom trainings 

The consultant should be: 

  • A field leader in transformative justice theory, framework and practices for 5 years+ 
  • An experienced trainer/facilitator with the ability to actively listen and encourage dialogue
  • Culturally responsive understanding of how transformative justice practices could be informed by the Asian American experience. 
  • Aligned deeply with the mission and values of AACRE, taking a proactive stance on social justice causes 
  • Have experience working with coalitions 

TIMELINE: This series will run July – September  2024 

BUDGET: $15-20K 

SUBMISSION: Please submit proposals by Friday, March 1, 2024 electronically to with the subject line “Transformative Justice Consultant Proposal”. 

PROCESS: Proposals will be evaluated on thoroughness of response, a demonstrated understanding of AACRE’s mission and vision and the requisite qualifications and experience to perform the proposed work. All submitted proposals will be reviewed and leads will be contacted by Friday, March 15, 2024