The full-time staff at CAA includes those who are directly impacted by the issues we work on and are complemented by additional community outreach specialists, interns, and volunteers.

Steph Chan

Community Advocate – Employment Program

Molly Cho

Administrative Manager

Cynthia Choi

Co-Executive Director

John Fong

Director of Finance and Operations

Victor Hui

Technology Manager

Kenzi Laceste

Advocacy Fellow

Eugene Lau

Communications Manager

Kenny Lee

Administrative Assistant

Amy Lin

Immigrant Rights Program Manager

Wendy Liang

Administrative Assistant

Jose Ng

Immigrant Rights Community Advocate

Darin Ow-Wing

Development Manager

Vincent Pan

Co-Executive Director

Hong Mei Pang

Director of Advocacy

Santosh Seeram-Santana

Legislative Director

Annette Wong

Director of Programs


The volunteer board of directors at CAA is responsible for long-term strategic and programmatic planning, financial oversight and investments, fundraising, and general governance.

Randall Lowe


Germaine Q Wong

Chair Emeritus

Eddy Zheng

Vice Chair

Katheryn Fong

Elvin Geng

Olivia Lee

Xiangyan Liu

Guillermo Rodriguez

Benson Tran

Anna Wang

Randall Yip

AACRE Trustees

The Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality Trustees have overall fiduciary responsibility for the larger network of social justice groups of which CAA is a member, and which shares a common fiscal and administrative infrastructure.

Celia W. Lee


Lisa K. Lee

Vice Chair and Secretary

Christopher Jocson


Victoria Wong

Jill Kunishima

Jeff Chang

Daniel Lee

Brian Yee

Germaine Q Wong