The full-time staff at CAA includes those who are directly impacted by the issues we work on and are complemented by additional community outreach specialists, interns, and volunteers.

Amos Lim

Economic Justice Program Manager

Andy Wong

Managing Director of Advocacy

Anisha Hingorani

Policy Manager

Annette Wong

Managing Director of Programs

Annie Lee

Managing Director of Policy

Anthony Huang

Economic Justice Community Advocate

Ashley Iwanaga

Stop AAPI Hate Director of Coalition Operations and Culture

Becca Bastron

Stop AAPI Hate Data Analyst & Visualization Developer

Becca Chen

Stop AAPI Hate Graphic Designer

Betty Lau

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Truong

AACRE Communications Associate

Crystal Van

Civic Engagement Program Manager

Cynthia Choi

Co-Executive Director

Denise Chen

Civic Engagement Community Advocate

Eunice Kim

Stop AAPI Hate Community Care Manager

Eva Poon

Stop AAPI Hate Administrative Manager

Florence Go

AACRE Program Advocate

Gin Ma

Immigrant Rights Advocate

Hana Nguyen

AACRE Senior Finance Manager

Helen Ho

Research and Evaluation Manager

Janice Li

Coalition for Community Safety and Justice Director

Jeremy Rye

Managing Director of Development

Jessica Kang

Stop AAPI Hate Research Manager

Jinxia Niu

Chinese Digital Engagement Program Manager

John Fong

AACRE Director of Finance

Jose Ng

Immigrant Rights Program Manager

June Zhan

Chinese Digital Engagement Advocate

Katie Knoll

AACRE Finance Admin Coordinator


Chinese Digital Engagement Advocate

Kenny Nguyen

Stop AAPI Hate Advocacy Manager

Lee Wang

Stop AAPI Hate Managing Director

Ly Nguyen

Stop AAPI Hate Director of Development

Meeyong Schwartz

AACRE Donor Systems & Compliance Manager

Mey Sok

Stop AAPI Hate Advocacy Coordinator

Miko Lee

AACRE Program Director

Monique Thornton

Stop AAPI Hate Development and Administrative Coordinator

Muy Yam

AACRE Senior Human Resources Manager

Nalini Ravindranath

Stop AAPI Hate's Institutional Giving Manager

Nhi Nguyen

Community Safety and Justice Policy Manager

Nicholas Gee

Advocacy Manager

Nicholas Ong

AACRE Administrative Coordinator

Rosario Joaquin

Stop AAPI Hate Social Media Coordinator

Rose Lee

Stop AAPI Hate Director of Communications

Santosh Seeram-Santana

Legislative Director

Shanti Elise Prasad

CAA Advocacy Manager

Shelly Gin

Development Manager

Sheryl Fontanilla

AACRE Finance Manager


Advocacy Coordinator

Sin Yen Ling

Director of Communications

Socrates Li

Economic Justice Community Advocate

Stephanie Chan

Stop AAPI Hate Director of Data and Research

Teresa Nguyen

Stop AAPI Hate Development Coordinator

Terri Le

Stop AAPI Hate Major Gifts Manager

Thadchai Sattayatam

Stop AAPI Hate Digital Director

Tori Shepard

AACRE Donor Database & IT Manager

Trinh Le

Stop AAPI Hate Director of Community Care

Vincent Pan

Co-Executive Director

Wendy Liang

Administrative and Operations Manager

Xiaojun Jiang

Economic Justice Program Assistant

Yamuna Hopwood

Stop AAPI Hate Communications Manager

Yuuki Nishida

Stop AAPI Hate Communications Coordinator


The volunteer board of directors at CAA is responsible for long-term strategic and programmatic planning, financial oversight and investments, fundraising, and general governance.

Randall Lowe


Germaine Q Wong

Chair Emeritus

Olivia Lee

Vice Chair

Eddy Zheng

Anna Wang

Eric J. Chang

Janine Zhu

Michael Guo

Randall Yip

Rory Z.

AACRE Trustees

The Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality Trustees have overall fiduciary responsibility for the larger network of social justice groups of which CAA is a member, and which shares a common fiscal and administrative infrastructure.

Celia W. Lee


Lisa K. Lee

Vice Chair and Secretary

Christopher Jocson


Brian Yee

Chandara Phanachone

Henry Der

Jill Kunishima

Kosheno Moore

Michelle MiJung Kim

Sandhya Jha

Miguel de la Fuente-Lau