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The Movement Forward Campaign

An action fund and endowment to protect the civil rights of Asian Americans and advance multiracial democracy for the next 50 years and beyond

With its established leadership and demonstrated track record of over 50 years, CAA is uniquely positioned to have a major impact on the civil rights and social, political and economic well-being of immigrants and communities of color. Contributions and support from the community have historically allowed CAA leadership to be innovative, flexible and responsive to the changing landscape of AAPI community needs. For example, CAA is a founding partner of Stop AAPI Hate, which is now shaping a nationwide conversation and movement to address the root causes of anti-Asian racism in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued rise of xenophobia.

Join our Movement Forward Forward Campaign for positive and lasting change. The Campaign aims to raise $5 million by the end of 2024 for our Action Fund and Endowment.

THE ACTION FUND, an unrestricted fund, will allow CAA to take immediate and bold action to educate, organize, and mobilize the community for national impact. This fund allows CAA to be nimble and flexible in the face of emerging challenges and to step up as a leader when needed.

THE ENDOWMENT will enable CAA to protect civil rights and equality for many years to come. Endowment gifts preserve the enduring vision and values of our founders of a robust, independent advocacy organization committed to a diverse democracy in which all people are able to live free from bigotry and discrimination. Planned, legacy, and named gifts are among the options to contribute to the endowment.

The Movement Forward Campaign will resource CAA to proactively advance our core mission: to advocate for systemic change that protects civil rights, promotes language diversity, and remedies racial and social injustice.  

Your contributions to the Movement Forward Campaign will help CAA be prepared to protect our community and civil rights during our greatest time of need. Our collective vigilance is of utmost importance especially during these volatile and divisive times.

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$3.79 Million
$5 Million

$3.79 million out of $5 million as of January 2, 2024

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