Strategic Communications - CAA

Strategic communications is a critical strategy to CAA and for our mission. By regularly hosting press conferences, speaking on media and university panels, conducting interviews, and appearing on radio and television programs, we provide accurate and factual information on fast changing policies, and improve understanding on critical and often divisive issues.

This work is especially critical with the Chinese language media that often lacks equal access to the culturally competent or linguistically accessible information and analyses on current events.

Increasingly CAA is also present on digital and social media platforms such as WeChat.  This occurs through our own organization capacity as well as a growing network of community leaders and members we are supporting to engage and communicate our values and our issues.

Our ultimate goal is narrative and cultural power, and we see that happen through our direct efforts in and with the media and the community, as well through intentional and regular work with documentary filmmakers, progressive content creators, and arts and culture institutions.