The words and deeds of the Trump administration are as dangerous, racist, and xenophobic as they were during the Presidential campaign.

Last week’s executive order on immigration that callously targets Muslims, bans refugees, and restricts many forms of travel are a particular affront to Chinese Americans and people of decency everywhere.

We must resist and here’s why.

The history of Asians in America includes some of the worst forms of government scapegoating and oppression under the pretense of security.

The Exclusion Act; the internment of Japanese Americans; the false espionage charges against Chinese American scientists; the opposition to refugee resettlement following the Vietnam War; the post-911 racial profiling and surveillance of Arabs and South Asians — these are among the most obvious examples that what is happening now is not new and must never be normalized.

During these times, state-sanctioned racism and oppression were made possible by a narrative of fear, suspicion, blame, and hate. We share a responsibility to fight these root causes of bigotry, ignorance, and nativism that are now targeting our Arab, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Muslim neighbors.

Educating ourselves is but one act of resistance. There are acts of civil disobedience happening throughout the nation and demands of public officials to fight Trump’s anti-American agenda. We are taking our voices directly to the White House and providing direct assistance and resources to those most affected.

Because words are not enough at this point, let’s work together and say Never Again to these painful lessons of history.