Please join us in remembering the 135th Anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act at a historic community gathering on Saturday, May 6th in San Francisco Chinatown.

The Chinese Exclusion Act was enacted during a dark period in our nation’s history where our government legally excluded an entire group of people based simply on their race and national origin. For 61 years, Chinese were not allowed in the U.S. as a result of scapegoating, racial discrimination, and xenophobia. Similar tactics are being used today against undocumented immigrants, Arabs, Middle Easterners, Muslims, and South Asians; and to justify mass surveillance, extreme vetting, immigration raids, detention, and deportations. This was wrong then and it is wrong now!

(Chinese version of this video here)

To learn from our past and prevent it from repeating, CAA and over 45 groups representing civil rights leaders, health and human service providers, workers, educators, and students are coming together to stand against anti-immigrant and anti-refugee policies and to stand together for community safety, keeping families together, and human rights for all.

Rally for Inclusion:
Remembering the 135th Anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act
Saturday, May 6th
Portsmouth Square, San Francisco Chinatown

To learn more about the rally and get involved, including volunteering and downloading an organizer’s toolkit, visit