CAA has partnered with Community Housing Partnership, Jobs with Justice, HOMEY, SF CLOUT, SOMCAN and Unite HERE Local 2 to create the Good Jobs 4 All (GJ4A) collaborative, which aims to provide job opportunities for marginalized individuals through the development of hiring policies.

The collaborative is capitalizing on the growing hospitality industry in San Francisco as a model sector to develop strong hiring agreements that can be adapted to other sectors throughout the city. The hospitality industry is booming with over 38 hotels in the Planning Department pipeline to be built in the City over the course of the next several years. The collaborative hopes to harness this economic growth in ways that benefit low income, marginalized communities. Good Jobs 4 All focuses on increasing job opportunities for communities that face significant barriers to employment, which include immigrants, LEP speakers, currently and formerly homeless people, and formerly incarcerated people.

Good Jobs for All has developed a set of goals to accomplish over the next 3 years. The collaborative will create a model for hiring agreements starting in the hospitality sector and branching out, generate a workforce development fund, build a coalition supporting workforce development, and provide a space for workers to be directly involved in negotiating hiring agreements. Not only will workers be receiving job opportunities, but there will also be an opportunity for leadership development as workers are given a voice to contribute to the collaborative’s work.