Dear Friends,

These are not normal times. With the most recent happenings in Charlottesville, we continue to see abominable displays of bigotry and violence in our country fueled by xenophobic and racist rhetoric and policy proposals.

With so many dangerous and destructive attacks against our community and civil rights emanating from the Trump administration and far-right conservatives in Congress, we need to be selective about what we can respond to in a timely but also consistent way.

With this e-newsletter, we hope to communicate not just what we are fighting against but what we are working towards.

We believe that creating a world that works for everyone requires defending the civil rights of Chinese Americans and advancing multiracial democracy, and our approach to this work combines direct grassroots services and leadership development for low-income community members paired with advocacy on immigrant rights, language diversity, and racial justice.

Our work is but one component of a broader ecosystem of change efforts and nearly everything we do is in coalition and partnership with many others.

In our first issue, we are highlighting our longstanding efforts with the Chinese language media. Most recently, CAA denounced the Cotton/Perdue proposal that would slash immigration overall by attacking family-based petitions, which have been the cornerstone of Asian immigration for decades. That same day we were also in the media defending the affirmative action programs that are under attack by the U.S. Department of Justice.

We also wanted to showcase our longstanding and ongoing work to help Chinese immigrants find sustainable employment and to create a just economy that benefits all San Franciscans.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for your continued support.


Vincent Pan

In this issue:
• CAA Denounces Trump Efforts to Choke Immigration and Attack Affirmative Action
• In Response to Charlottesville
• Creating Good Jobs for Immigrant Workers0