Immigrant and refugee families continue to be under a systemic and coordinated attack.

Most recently, immigration raids at 7-11 Storesrollback of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program, and the precarious state of DACA echo the past and current xenophobic exclusion of immigrants and unjust family separation.

At this very moment, family-based sponsorships, refugee admissions, and diversity visas are all on the chopping block in negotiations between Congress and the White House.

The proposed cuts to family-based immigration will make a broken system even worse. In some cases, families wait up to 24 years to reunite with their loved ones. It is worth pointing out that in 2015, 82% of visas issued for Asian countries were family-based — and that these immigrants are also workers, business owners, caregivers, friends, and neighbors.

The benefits of family-based immigration are well-documented. Strong and united immigrant families provide love and support not only to one another but foster community stability, prosperity, and well-being. Not only has family-based immigration helped build this nation, it defines what our country ought to be about.

Please help CAA and others defend immigrant families by participating in a national call-in day to Congress. Together we are advocating for a clean DREAM Act that supports family-based immigration from all countries.

Your voice can hold elected officials accountable. Only a #CleanDREAMAct will #ValueOurFamilies!

Join us today and urge Congress to defend immigrant families!

Fill out this digital postcard

Or make a call to your Congressional Members at (202) 224-3121


My name is _______ and I’m a constituent of _______.

I want Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act now. Will the Congress person commit to voting against any spending bills unless there is a solution for DACA recipients?

I’m also calling in support of family-based immigration system and the diversity visa program. Will the Congress person commit to opposing any cuts to family-based visas or the diversity visa program?“