Asian American officials and leaders gathered today Thursday to warn voters that Proposition H, the increased use of force Taser policy measure on the June 5th San Francisco ballot, is misleading and dangerous.  The measure is backed by nearly $500,000 in highly deceptive advertising purchased by the local police union, the San Francisco Police Officers Association, claiming it’s needed to equip SFPD officers with Tasers.  That’s false. Tasers were fully approved for officers more than six months ago and a carefully crafted policy controlling their use was adopted in March. In reality, Prop H is the police union’s attempt to overturn that policy and to, instead, allow this weapon to be used on people who pose no immediate threat.  Prop H would also strip both the Chief of Police and Police Commission of their power to make policy changes on how and when Tasers can be used. Prop H is opposed by Mayor Mark Farrell, Chief Bill Scott, and an overwhelming majority of local officials, organizations and media outlets.

You can watch the entire recorded press conference on Chinese for Affirmative Actions facebook page. Skip to three minutes in for the start of the conference.