CAA aims to more deeply engage community members through our direct services and community-based advocacy efforts. One example of how we are doing this is through our robust wrap-around services for community members who face multiple barriers in seeking employment. A prominent community member, Emmy initially came to CAA for our workforce services to improve her resume writing and interview preparation skills. She also participated in job fairs bi-weekly immigrant rights workshops. Through her involvement in our leadership development programs, she gained other valuable skills such as public speaking and civics and is applying her knowledge by actively working to improve access to critical services through our Language Access Spot Check programs, a way to verify if city services are properly implementing language access programs.

Emmy shared that one of her most memorable moments was working on group presentations during her participation in our leadership development program because it taught her the power of working collectively towards a common purpose. Through her growth as part of CAA, Emmy says she is no longer afraid to approach employers, speak publicly about important issues or interview for a job. We are fortunate to be working with and learning from Emmy as we improve the lives of all San Francisco’s diverse community.