“To Chinese for Affirmative Action, Jeff Adachi was not only a friend and ally but a true leader. He pioneered efforts to change the media representation of Asian Americans through his film projects, fought to end racism in the criminal justice system through bold policy initiatives, and gave every single one of his clients his all regardless of the odds against them or what they were accused of.

From his first race challenging the entrenched political establishment, to his fifth term as Public Defender, he was that rare elected official who remained accessible and humble, and who never strayed from the courage of his convictions.

Just last week he happened to drop by CAA when I was at the office late. I told him about the town hall we wanted to do about community safety in the Fall and he said to count him in if we needed him in any way. He asked if the Mayor was being responsive to community needs and offered to be of assistance. He shared ideas for new short documentaries.

Jeff Adachi was always defending the public, not just in the courtroom, but in the community and in the world.”

Statement from Vincent Pan, Co-Executive Director, CAA