On April 10th, Chinese for Affirmative Action hosted “The Future of Asian Americans and Higher Education”, which featured a panel and reception at the Chinatown Campus of City College of San Francisco.

The discussion included lessons from CAA’s decades-long struggle to win the permanent City College campus for Chinatown, as well as perspectives on recent college admissions scandals and the anti-affirmative action lawsuit against Harvard.

Education leaders Kit Dai, Joanne Low, and Henry Der joined CAA staff Vincent Pan and Hong Mei Pang on the panel.

Recurring themes from the speakers and town hall participants included the need to have a holistic view about the purpose and characteristics of high-quality education, the importance of working alongside other communities of color to expand access for all, and to fiercely advocate for the needs of Asian Americans in all institutions of higher education and not just the most select schools.

Afterwards at the reception, CAA presented special recognitions to former City College Trustees Rodel Rodis and Lawrence Wong, as well as Friends of Educational Opportunity in Chinatown which led the campaign for the City College campus in Chinatown.

The event was part of CAA’s year-long 50th anniversary celebrations. Please join us for the next one: “From Non-English Pathways to School Desegregation: K-12 Education Town Hall” on May 15th. You can find out more information here.