In it’s tenth year of grassroots community movement building, CUHJ (Communities United for Health and Justice) hosted the Fifth Annual People’s Summit at June Jordan School of Equity. Comprised of Coleman Advocates, Filipino Community Center, PODER, Bernal Heights and Chinese for Affirmative Action, CUHJ is an proactive player in lifting community power to fight for affordable housing and social justice.

100 or so community members and partners came together on Saturday, April 27th to build and connect with neighbors, celebrate our community victories, discuss new challenges, and advance community-led solutions to protect the Excelsior neighborhood from the harms of gentrification and displacement.

Throughout the community panel and break out sessions, participants were deeply engaged in the real challenges facing immigrants and communities of color throughout San Francisco. Push out, education equity, workforce opportunities were just several of the recurring pain point discussed throughout the day.

However, discussions pivoted naturally to solutions. For example, 2018’s People’s Summit fostered into momentum for CUHJ’s Housing Action Team and this year was no different. The Housing Action Team is again poised to continue working across coalitions to secure commitments for below market rate housing in new developments in District 11.

See our tweets from the Saturday, April 27th event below: