This past weekend, the Trump administration launched nationwide immigration enforcement operations seeking to conduct large-scale detention and deportation of immigrant communities. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operations have been confirmed in neighboring areas such as Santa Clara, Contra Costa and Sonoma counties. Advocates have submitted reports of non-transparent ICE tactics that evade due process, heighten surveillance and fear-mongering.

In response, CAA rallied in solidarity with immigrant groups in front of ICE headquarters in San Francisco. Community members shared heartbreaking stories about being detained and torn apart from their loved ones. In a cathartic moment of unity, the community was reminded of the true stakes in defending of our collective values and common humanity. Please see Singtao, World Journal and KTSF for their coverage of the event.

Alongside key city leaders, CAA Director of Advocacy, Hong Mei Pang denounced the tactics of the Trump administration, “ICE raids, human rights violations at the border, the racial profiling and criminalization of immigrants all contribute to the aim of inciting white supremacy and xenophobia in America.”

Mayor London Breed and Assemblymember David Chiu publicly affirmed the commitment towards safeguarding immigrant families in San Francisco and California through sanctuary laws.

Due to these trends, CAA fielded hundreds of calls on the San Francisco Rapid Response Hotline in our role as a dispatcher to verify and monitor ICE activities around the clock, and connect detained immigrants to legal services to protect their civil and immigrant rights. Please refer to our press release for more information.

CAA will continue to provide direct services for immigrants vulnerable to the violent tactics emanating from the White House to tear families apart. Through CAA’s Immigrant Rights program, community members can exercise power to overcome panic.