Sally is a recent college graduate in History & Literature and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality from Harvard College. Their interests range from community formation, social movement and emotional labor in Asian American Studies. They are looking forward to expanding our capacity to advocate for and work with Chinese immigrant LEP communities looking for economic sustainability and independence.

See below for a brief Q+A we had with Sally:

How did you start getting interested in AAPI issues? 

Coming from a low-income Chinese immigrant family, I really struggled in my transition to college, but taking my first Asian and Pacific American Studies class completely changed my life. I felt like I finally had the tools to interrogate the root causes of the obstacles that so many AAPIs face, but more importantly I found an inspiring community of activists and advocates putting this education to practice.

How did your experiences bring you to work at CAA?

I first learned about CAA’s multi-issue work as one of the #DefendDiversity student activists who testified in the SFFA v Harvard admissions trial. My previous work spanned from naturalization assistance in Boston’s Chinatown to research with the CA Labor Federation, so I was excited to bring my experience to the CAA team (and be back home in SF!). 

What is one issue facing AAPIs that you want to work on as a staff member here?

I hope to strengthen the pipeline of wraparound support for AAPIs to attain sustainable, high-road, and family-supporting jobs, in particular for immigrants experiencing the pressures of the political climate, job insecurity, and daily life in addition to linguistic and cultural barriers.

What is one change you would make in society make to improve the lives of the communities we serve?

I would love for Ethnic Studies to be an accessible part of every person’s education, whether in K-12 classrooms, college curriculum, community-based workshops, or other forms of continuing education.

Do you have a favorite lunch spot in SF Chinatown?

Broadway Dim Sum Cafe 幸运星休闲居!