We are pleased to share an update about an exciting new area of CAA’s work.

In response to the shifting needs of our immigrant community, CAA has been growing our online Chinese language communications capacity.  This has included launching new CAA and CAA-sponsored accounts on WeChat and Weibo, adding both traditional and simplified Chinese functionality on our website, and expanding our staff who can produce and curate original Chinese language content.  

Overall, our goals are to lift up progressive viewpoints in Chinese language spaces where they are needed, to provide key updates to the community on critical policy changes, and to share information about needed services and resources.

This work is already making a difference.

For example, on WeChat, which is heavily used in the Chinese diaspora, our content in support of affirmative action has gained a steady following and stands out as a counterpoint to a plethora of misinformation on that issue.  This WeChat work also includes developing online communities of support and building digital partnerships that have increased our reach beyond San Francisco.  Our accounts also address other subjects  including the importance of the Census, fighting anti-Asian racism, and immigrant rights.  

In addition, with COVID-19 making more of our work remote, our Chinese digital platforms give us an additional avenue to deliver services.  Since the start of shelter-in-place orders, we’ve used digital tools to help more than 200 people access unemployment benefits, apply for new jobs, and access information critical to immigrant rights and resources available to them.  

This work is made possible by new bi-literate CAA staff and consultants who have been brought on for their experience in Chinese language journalism and digital communications, as well as their commitment to our social justice values, and we are grateful to them.  

We hope you will join us in supporting this work.  You can follow and share our Chinese language content on WeChat and Weibo as well as from our website.  For English language content, continue to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for our latest updates!