On Thursday, October 8th, we welcomed over 1,350 guests to CAA’s 51st Celebration of Justice, CAA’s first virtual fundraising gala. In these trying times, it’s important to come together and celebrate our commitment to social justice—and we are grateful that, despite unforeseen technical challenges, so many of you took the time to join us in working towards a more equitable society.

As CAA Co-Executive Director Cynthia Choi said in her opening remarks, “This body of work is razor thin and requires new ways of thinking about justice for our community. It’s also a hopeful time, because we’re creating the conditions to recognize the destructive forces of systemic racism that permeates all aspects of our society.” 

Added Co-Executive Director Vincent Pan, “There is strength in knowing that for 51 years, our core CAA community has always risen to the occasion and that our core CAA values of inclusion, compassion, and equity have always been our guide. Tonight’s celebration of justice is a celebration of all of that: our work, our community, our values, and all the ways each of us continue to make the world better and more fair.” 

Thanks to supporters from across the country, we reached our fundraising goal of $25,000 that evening, putting us within striking distance of the $250,000 we need to increase our impact, and expand important initiatives like Stop AAPI Hate and Yes on Prop 16.  

A recording of the event is now available for your viewing pleasure here. The highlights reel is also live. Tune in now for the chance to experience (or re-experience) your favorite moments from the event courtesy of our keynote speaker, the civil rights activist and faith leader Valarie Kaur who recounted her first experiences with CAA, and delivered an inspirational address on the power of revolutionary love in building stronger coalitions and fighting for social justice. 

According to Kaur, “Revolutionary love is when we are brave enough to see no stronger. Revolutionary love is flooding the streets with conviction and still insisting on the humanity of our opponents. That’s how we make sure we don’t become what we are fighting.” –

Kaur was joined by emcee for the evening: writer and comedian Jenny Yang, and a number of community leaders, human rights activists, and performers, cited below, in supporting CAA in the fight for a multiracial democracy.

Event Highlights

CAA Opening Video
CAA 2020 Video
Valarie Kaur: On Revolutionary Love A powerful and passionate talk from the author of See No Stranger on the power of revolutionary love in social justice movements. 


DJ Phatrick: Opening set  An original mix from Born Natives’ DJ Patrick. 
Franny Choi: “Aaron Says the World Is Upside Down”  A short poem written and performed by the writer and poet Franny Choi. 
Goh Nakamura: “Hold Onto Your Humanity”  An acoustic performance by a singer and songwriter featured in American Gangster and A Good Year. 
Celebrity Shoutouts Kind words from friends of CAA, including Andrew Yang, Bowen Yang, CA Assemblymembers, and more.