As 2020 comes to a close, we look back and reflect upon what a truly challenging year it has been. Between an economic crisis, a global pandemic, and a historical election season up and down the ballot, CAA was called upon to help our community move forward — and our team stepped up to meet the moment.

Moving Forward Together: 2020 Year in Review

Here’s a list of just some of what we’ve accomplished together this year:

1. Took on the most difficult Census in modern history

Despite the Trump administration’s orchestrated efforts to undercut our communities and the challenges of conducting outreach during a pandemic, we trained over 600 community group staffers and made more than 12,000 calls to the Chinese-speaking community in San Francisco, a population that has historically been undercounted.

2. Fought to share immigrant rights resources and to defend critical programs, from DACA to public charge to naturalization  

We denounced and challenged the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant policies, organized community members against the USCIS’s proposed fee increases, and held in-language workshops on immigration issues to keep our community informed and well-resourced. 

3. Helped our community weather the financial hardships of COVID-19
We helped nearly 200 people access unemployment insurance benefits, distributed free groceries gift cards to hundreds more, and provided employment counseling to workers in the industries hit hardest by the pandemic, such as the hospitality and restaurant sectors. 

4. Led a state-wide campaign to restore affirmative action

In response to the long overdue reckoning on race in our country, we co-chaired the Prop 16 campaign, building one of the broadest, most diverse coalitions in state history. Though Prop 16 did not pass, more than 7 million Californians joined us in voting against structural racism and systemic discrimination against women. 

5. Became a leading voice against the alarming rise in anti-Asian hate and xenophobia

We established the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center with our partners, responding to anti-Asian racism, raising awareness in the media, and generating action from government officials.  Stop AAPI Hate leads community-based interventions and has tracked 2,800+ hate incidents, and CAA is anchoring a nationwide coalition of dozens of groups.

And these are just some of our accomplishments this year. You can hear more about what we’ve achieved this year in this video from our 51st annual Celebration of Justice event — our first-ever virtual fundraiser.