Last Thursday at our 52nd anniversary Celebration of Justice fundraiser event, CAA welcomed 1,200 guests from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  Many thanks go to our friends and allies for joining us in the festivities, our event sponsors, and our host — writer and comedian Kristina Wong.

52nd Celebration of Justice. Join us in celebrating the people and communities helping to advance solidarity efforts towards a more equitable and just democracy.

In case you missed it, tune into the full event recording, which will be available on our website for the next few weeks. Read on for top-level highlights from our virtual event program. 

CAA: 2020-2021 and the Work Ahead

In 2020 and 2021, in the face of a global pandemic and a rising tide of racial discrimination, CAA has continued its fight for civil rights and social justice, building on our core strategies to meet the urgent needs of our communities. 

Watch the video below to hear from CAA about the work that has happened and that lies ahead.

To hear from our Co-Executive Directors Cynthia Choi and Vincent Pan, you can still watch their opening remarks and closing interview with Kristina Wong. 

2021 Celebration of Justice Honorees 

This year, CAA recognized three outstanding individuals and organizations whose enduring values, steadfast leadership, and inspired vision have continued to move society forward. Watch the videos below to learn more about our amazing honorees: Fred Blackwell, APIENC, and Henry Der. 

Honoree: Fred Blackwell

From the Mayor’s Office of Community Development to the San Francisco Foundation, Fred Blackwell has continued to advocate for social justice across an intersection of affordable housing, public education, criminal justice, and civic participation issues. Click here to learn more about him.

Honoree: APIENC (Asian and Pacific Islander Equality – Northern California)

What began as a coalition of LGBTQ APIs to fight for marriage equality has since transformed into a thriving collective called APIENC that provides transgender, non-binary, and queer voices with the knowledge and expertise to effect change through abundance and interdependence. Click here to learn more about APIENC.

Honoree: Henry Der

In fighting for equal opportunities for San Francisco Chinatown residents, in advancing education equity throughout the State of California, and in investing in immigrant advocacy in the American South and Southwest, Henry Der — who led CAA for over two decades — is a pioneer whose activism has transformed our communities for the better. Click here to learn more about him.

Musical Performances

From the Hamilton cast to Hollis Wong-Wear, our event program was full of awe-inspiring performances from our favorite Asian and Pacific Islander musicians. To listen to the sounds of the Celebration of Justice, check out our Spotify playlist, available here. (Click here to download Spotify to your desktop or mobile device.)