In San Francisco, Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and there are a number of important issues on the ballot. To help you make an informed decision, CAA is proud to endorse the following local and state ballot propositions.

California Propositions

YES on Prop 1 – Reproductive Freedom

Establishes a constitutional right to reproductive health care, including the right to abortion and contraceptives.

As a civil rights organization working towards the realization of multiracial democracy, denying people with the capacity to get pregnant the right to control their own bodies denies them their rights to freedom and equality.

No Position on Prop 26 – In-Person Sports Betting

Allows federally recognized tribes to operate sports wagering and other types of gambling on tribal lands and restricts on-site sports wagering at other locations. Establishes taxes on wagering.

No Position on Prop 27 – Online Sports Betting

Allows online/mobile sports wagering if offered by federally recognized tribes and eligible businesses that contract with them. Establishes taxes on wagering that would fund housing and homelessness initiatives.

YES on Prop 28 – Funding for Arts and Music Education

Requires arts and music education funding for k-12 public schools be made available from the general fund equal to 1% of mandatory state/local public school funding.

Prop 28 is aligned with our education equity values related to expanding infrastructure and capacity for public education, particularly for marginalized communities. It also aligns with our education equity value that public education should be holistic and in service to all of society, rather than focused on competition and standardized testing.

No Position on Prop 29 – Kidney Dialysis Clinics

Seeking to force better quality of care and increased accountability from dialysis providers

YES on Prop 30 – Green Tax

Tax personal income over $2M by 1.75% to fund greenhouse gas emission reduction projects.

No Position on Prop 31 – Ban Flavored Tobacco

Overturning a 2020 law that prohibits the sale of certain flavored tobacco products and tobacco flavor enhancers.

San Francisco Propositions

YES on A – Retiree Supplemental Cost of Living Adjustments

Helps City retirees before Nov. 1996 keep up with the rising cost of living

No Position on B – Public Works Department and Commission, Sanitation and Streets Department and Commission

Eliminates the Department of Sanitation and Streets and transfer all the powers and duties of that department back to the Department of Public Works

Neutral on C – Homelessness Oversight Commission

Creates a seven member Homelessness Oversight Commission

NO on D – Affordable Housing for Low and Middle Income Residents

Speeds up approval process for market rate housing developments by redefining them as “affordable”

YES on E – Affordable Housing for Lower Income Residents

Speeds up approval process for affordable housing developments

YES on F – Library Preservation Fund

Extends and supports library services for another 25 years

YES on G – Student Success Fund

Supports programs that improve academic achievement

YES on H – Voter Participation Act

Increases voter turnout by aligning SF elections with national elections

No Position on I – Vehicles on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway

Removes the use of the Great Highway as open space for recreational activities

No Position on J – Recreational Use of JFK Drive in Golden Gate

Makes permanent the use of JFK Drive as a permanent, safe, and accessible public space in Golden Gate Park

YES on L – Sales Tax for Transportation Projects

Extends existing sales tax for another 30 years to fund transportation

YES on M – Taxes owners of empty homes and buildings to fund affordable housing

Taxes owners of empty homes and buildings to fund affordable housing

YES on O – Parcel Tax for City College of San Francisco

Supports City College as a hub for free and affordable education

CAA historically supports programs and initiatives that advance CCSF’s long term sustainability as a hub for free and affordable adult education for San Franciscans, particularly for limited-English proficient (LEP) immigrant workers.

October 24, 2022: Last day to register to vote in San Francisco
November 8: Election Day
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San Francisco Dept. of Elections: (415) 554-4375 (English) (415) 554-4367 (Chinese)