A photo of the Senate Judiciary Committee in session
Photo Credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Earlier this year, the White House nominated Casey T. Arrowood as United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee. Arrowood wrongfully prosecuted Professor Anming Hu of University of Tennessee, who was the first academic to go on trial under the China Initiative, a now defunct program that racially profiled Chinese academics in the U.S. for minor administrative errors.

In the past few months, CAA met directly with several offices of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to express our grave concerns with Arrowood’s nomination, question his fitness for the role as U.S. Attorney, and call for public accountability as to the racial and ethnic scapegoating of Professor Hu. We also asked that the Senate Judiciary Committee open a full and independent investigation into the China Initiative, including Professor Hu’s case.

For decades, CAA has led and fought against the racial profiling of Asian scientists. Our activism dates back to the 1999 wrongful arrest of Dr. Wen Ho Lee, who was jailed in solitary confinement without bail for nine months. The government’s espionage case against Dr. Lee fell apart and the federal judge apologized for the government mishandling of the case. In 2015, CAA provided support to the family of Dr. Xiaoxing Xi who was also falsely accused of sending American technology to China. Because of the rise of China on the global stage, Chinese and Asian Americans continue to be the target of hate violence and government targeting like Professor Hu.     

We are happy to share that as a result of our advocacy along with many others, Arrowood’s nomination has stalled, thanks to Senator Mazie Hirono. If there is no action at the end of Congress’ current session on January 3, the nomination will expire and the President would need to renominate Arrowood or choose a different candidate. CAA will continue to actively advocate for the Senate Judiciary to oppose Arrowood’s nomination and to urge the White House to not renominate Arrowood should the President be presented with an opportunity to do so. 

We strongly believe that Casey T. Arrowood should be held accountable and not rewarded for his role in the racial profiling and the wrongful prosecution of Professor Hu who experienced irreparable harm and continues to be traumatized by Arrowood’s actions.  

Please join us in thanking Senator Hirono for her leadership in preventing Arrowood’s nomination from moving forward in the Senate Judiciary. Click here to share your gratitude directly with her office. 

In solidarity, 

Chinese for Affirmative Action