Half Moon Bay Victims Fund

Even as we are still reeling from the attacks of last weekend, we are also angered by the newly public videos of the police violence that took the life of Tyre Nichols in Memphis. 

We know that so many communities continue to face interconnected pain and oppression, and that action is required on multiple fronts.

With our Stop AAPI Hate team members providing leadership in Monterey Park and to Asian American students at Indiana University, our local CAA staff have been making an extra effort to advocate for and directly support the families and co-workers of the Chinese immigrant farmworkers killed in Half Moon Bay.  

Together with Asian Law Caucus, Chinese Progressive Association, and Community Youth Center and in coordination with local groups serving farm worker communities, we have been working on-the-ground to get in-language information, services, and resources to surviving family members and other victims, and to press local officials to address immediate and long-term gaps that have isolated and marginalized these community members.

Unfortunately the hardships and struggles of immigrant farmworkers, especially those of Asian descent, are often ignored in the backyard of affluent Silicon Valley.

One concrete way to take action is to donate to a fund we are helping to lead through which 100 percent of donations will go to the victims and surviving families of the deceased:

Aixiang Zhang, 74

Jingzhi Lu, 64

Jose Romero Perez, 38

Marciano Martinez Jimenez, 50

Qizhong Cheng, 66

Yetao Bing, 43

Zhishen Lu, 64

Lastly, please read and share this Asian-Latinx solidarity statement issued by us and our allies. You can also find the Chinese translation of the statement.


Chinese for Affirmative Action