CAA and allies support Wen Ho Lee in 2000
Friends and allies of CAA, including Helen Zia, at a San Francisco demonstration, protesting the incarceration of Wen Ho Lee.

As tensions between the U.S. and China grow, politicians and lawmakers are using geopolitics as an excuse to justify hate and racism against Asian American communities. They promote anti-Asian political rhetoric, warrantless and discriminatory surveillance measures, and unconstitutional land ownership bans across the country. This has contributed to a climate of insecurity and fear among Asian Americans and is harming our democracy and the quality of the public discourse about China, especially as we approach the 2024 presidential elections.

Today, Chinese for Affirmative Action and Stop AAPI Hate are launching Stop The Blame, a new campaign to address anti-Asian scapegoating in the United States. As part of Stop The Blame, we will hold elected leaders accountable for engaging in racist political rhetoric and oppose laws and policies that hurt innocent Asian Americans and immigrants under the guise of national security. 

This is not the first time that CAA has confronted racial and ethnic bias in our political system. CAA has been at the forefront of opposing the racial profiling of Asian scientists for decades now. Our activism dates back to the 1999 arrest of Dr. Wen Ho Lee, who endured nine months of solitary confinement without bail before the government’s espionage case against him fell apart, with the federal judge accusing the government of mishandling the case. In 2015, CAA provided support to the family of Professor Xiaoxing Xi who also faced false accusations of transferring American technology to China. Last year, we called on the government to review the pending criminal cases and open an independent investigation of the now defunct China Initiative.   

Unfortunately, the scapegoating of Asian scientists has spread to blaming Asian Americans of all backgrounds, but we know that change is possible. Join the campaign and learn more about Stop The Blame.