Standing up against anti-Chinese land bills across the country. Responding to the Supreme Court’s terrible decision on affirmative action. Winning victories for our communities like immigrant voting rights. There have been so many challenges and triumphs this past year. So in our last quarterly newsletter of 2023, we’d like to reflect on the enormous and newsworthy successes we’ve accomplished — because of your partnership — over a tumultuous year.

Throughout it all, we’ve shown up for our communities in San Francisco Chinatown and well beyond to reach across California and the country, hosting legal clinics, debunking mis/disinformation in Chinese and English, and fighting for our basic freedoms. When you stand with CAA, you join a legion of fierce advocates for social justice!

We couldn’t do this without your support. From our community to yours, we thank you so much for standing up for justice with us. Help us continue the good work in 2024.

You empowered immigrants in Chinatown.

In the last year, CAA helped hundreds of Chinese community members with limited-English proficiency. This included helping people find jobs and build skills to develop their careers, and hosting immigration legal clinics and parents rights workshops. This incredible feat was only possible with your support. Thanks to your generosity, CAA will continue supporting clients directly in 2024 and beyond!

You made transit safer for all of us.

Since the outbreak of violence and harassment against Asians and Asian Americans in 2020, CAA has been fighting for safer spaces for all of our communities, with your support. This includes public transit. We recently partnered with the Betti Ono foundation to provide safety toolkits to BART riders, and our team is winning on the policy front, advancing SB434 — a transit safety bill that Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed into law! Read more about the bill.

You fought for trustworthy news.

Disinformation continues to run rampant in Chinese language digital spaces. Our Chinese Digital Engagement team is debunking rightwing mis/disinformation at every turn through our information sites, PiYaoBa and Justice Patch. So far, CAA has dispelled falsehoods about Gaza, reparations, affirmative action, and more on WeChat and through our own dispatches. When you support CAA, trustworthy news prevails for our community.

You won back immigrant voting.

In our last quarterly newsletter, we shared news of an incredible victory for immigrant rights: a California court decision affirming the right for immigrants to vote in local elections. We could not have won this incredible victory without you! Today, we’d like to share a report that tells the story about the fight for immigrant voting rights and the gains that can still be made to protect this crucial piece of civic engagement. Read it here.

Now: We’re fighting for our privacy against government surveillance — together!

As unchecked surveillance against Asian Americans intensifies due to international affairs, CAA is fighting for our basic privacy rights. Recently, CAA and Stop AAPI Hate led a coalition of 63 organizations to end mass warrantless surveillance of Americans’ communications by opposing the reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) without comprehensive reforms.

And, in partnership with Stop AAPI Hate, we launched the Stop The Blame campaign to end the cycle of anti-Asian scapegoating in politics — especially as the 2024 election nears. It’s up to us to create a safer future for us all.

Will you join us?