On Giving Tuesday, I ask you to please consider a gift to support CAA. CAA has a robust 54-year history of leading the fight for justice and combating racism and discrimination against the Asian American community. We need you with us to continue this fight. 

As US-China relations intensifies, anti-Asian scapegoating continues to rise. And we know that with the 2024 election ahead, that trend is likely to escalate. Already there have been proposals banning Chinese and other immigrants from purchasing property. In Texas, CAA helped fight and defeat one of those proposals. Nationally, CAA is leading a coalition of 63 organizations working to end the warrantless surveillance of our communities driven by fear-mongering. 

Anti-Asian racism has deep roots in this country’s history. And since 1969, CAA has been here fighting for our civil rights. For decades we have fought against anti-Asian hate in all its forms, and since the COVID-19 pandemic and the bigotry that was directed at Asian Americans, that work has only expanded.  And CAA will be there, for you and your loved ones, for the challenges that lie ahead. That’s why I support CAA as a board member and a donor. 

CAA is a beacon, protecting our core civil rights and advocating for an inclusive, equitable, just and compassionate society. In fact, members of my own family received direct assistance from CAA. Won’t you join me and CAA in advocating for a better world for us all? 

I would be so grateful to partner with you and CAA in the social justice movement. Please consider making your tax-deductible gift today. Will you join us so that, no matter what, we can fight for a better tomorrow for you, our families, and our communities. 

In solidarity, 

Rory Z.

CAA Board Member