As we start this election year, we’re reminded of the immense challenges ahead for our Chinese diasporic communities. Already, politicians and mainstream media have taken this opportunity to spread anti-Asian hatred, online and beyond.

This kind of fear-mongering hits home. Our Chinese and Asian diasporic communities have endured immense sinophobia and racism since the start of the pandemic in 2020. And unfortunately, it’s getting worse.

For those who wish to attack us, our pain is a soundbite, clickbait, or a way to get votes. But these are our lives. And we will not stand for these attempts to erase us.

We’re fighting for us, for our right to imagine and create a better, safer world. Here at CAA, we’re speaking up against unwarranted surveillance, we’re combating disinformation on Chinese language platforms, and we’re getting out crucial information about what’s on ballots to monolingual Chinese-speaking voters.

None of this work would be possible without the generous support of you, our community. Thank you for your commitment to this fight, and read on to learn more about what we’ve been able to accomplish, together.

Lau v. Nichols Convening
May 4, 2024
UC Law San Francisco

Exciting news! CAA will gather students, parents, teachers, and more for a 1-day community convening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lau v. Nichols. This landmark Supreme Court case expanded rights for students with limited English proficiency and established their right to bilingual education. Invite coming soon!

Celebration of Justice 🎉
June 7, 2024
Palace Hotel, San Francisco

We’re coming back to the Palace Hotel to celebrate 55 years of fighting for social justice!

This our biggest event of the year — celebrate with us and community leaders, activists, and organizational partners. Registration details coming soon!

It’s an election year. Language should never be a barrier to the ballot.

In a crucial election year, we want to make sure that our Chinese-language community members have the tools to exercise their civic rights. That’s why CAA has created our 2024 SF Voter Guide in both English and Chinese — so language is never a barrier to the ballot.

We’ve been spreading the word at local festivals and street fairs and on Chinese social media for everyone to get out the vote!

And, there’s already an enormous amount of dis/misinformation circulating on Chinese social media surrounding elections. That’s why we’re challenging misleading, viral claims, especially as November draws near.

So far, our team has dispelled rumors about hacking voting machines, presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s exaggerated assertions about fentanyl, and so much more.

Supporting Bilingual Students and Families

How does your multicultural identity impact your school life? This winter, CAA hosted a series of workshops to empower parents to exercise their rights when advocating for their children. We visited local Chinatown schools and shared important information about immigrant voting and SFUSD policies.

We also hosted a series of artmaking workshops to help students celebrate their multilingual, multicultural identities! Students from all over San Francisco came together to create poetry and art in different languages, from Chinese to Spanish. They’ll even get to see their work in a published zine this spring.

Reimagining Safety

We are proud to share the Coalition for Community Safety and Justice’s latest impact report, showcasing the critical work our coalition has done to reimagine what safety means to our communities through serving the needs of victims and survivors of violence, building cross-racial healing and solidarity, and advancing public policy to strengthen public safety infrastructure. Read the report here.

What’s next?

We heard your overwhelming response to the stories of Chinese migrants making the treacherous journey through the Darien Gap to the United States. Thanks to your generous support, we’ll be traveling to San Diego once again this March to support migrants in finding language-accessible resources as they adjust to their new lives in America, and assessing what else we can do.

We’ll also be continuing to support Chinese communities locally with immigration advice, job applications, and voting rights through our direct services programs.

This work wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you, once again, for reaffirming your commitment to supporting Chinese diaspora communities. We’ll continue to fight for justice, together!