Spring should be a celebratory time for students, who are finishing up their finals, preparing to graduate, and getting ready to walk with diplomas in hand. 

But in the last few months, we’ve seen campus administrators unnecessarily invoke law enforcement to violently respond to peaceful protests across the country — tear-gassing, tasing, and arresting students who call for peace in Palestine. Universities have even blocked seniors from graduating.

This crackdown on protestors is a sobering reminder of our country’s brutal history of suppressing student activists advocating across generations against discrimination, war, apartheid, genocide, and other human rights violations. At CAA, we know firsthand that student activism and advocacy have been crucial to moving this country towards a more multiracial democracy, and that student voices must be heard with care, concern, and urgency.

Whether in the community or on campus, we condemn the use of law enforcement to stifle, intimidate, and threaten political activism for a more equal and just world.  

When you stand with CAA, you move us closer to realizing a world in which all people live free from bigotry, discrimination, hate, prejudice, and bias.

You’re Fighting the Spread of Gun Disinformation in Chinese American Community

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of anti-Asian violence, gun ownership has increased among Asian Americans, a group that has had historically low levels of gun ownership.

Thanks to the generosity of CAA donors, the CAA Chinese Digital Engagement team released a report, “The Lies That Put Our Lives at Risk: The Alarming Spread of Gun Violence Disinformation in the Chinese-Speaking Community.” The report examines the spread of gun violence disinformation over a 23-month period to raise awareness around this disturbing issue and increase safety in our communities.  

You’re Supporting Migrants at Southern Border while Trump and His Allies Dehumanize Them

Because of your support, our immigrant rights team was able to return to the Southern Border in March to continue to respond to the needs of Chinese migrants. CAA worked to support local organizations scrambling to address new challenges created by the closure of a critical migrant welcome center.  With funding secured for the center to reopen, CAA is preparing to communicate our assessment of what can be done locally and nationally to ensure all migrants are treated with dignity and respect regardless of how they arrive.  

Meanwhile, Trump and right-wing allies have been using Chinese migrants as a political tool, falsely claiming that Chinese migrants were forming a secret “army” within the U.S. These claims have been widely debunked as untrue and without evidence. Will you continue to support our work at the border?

Celebrating 50 Years of Bilingual Education Thanks to You

Thank you to everyone who attended our historic convening of the 50th anniversary of Lau v. Nichols, the landmark Supreme Court decision that expanded language justice for immigrant students. Led by CAA, Lau v. Nichols was a movement for bilingual and bicultural education, but there is so much more that needs to be done in order to fulfill its promise. With your continued support, we will do so! In case you missed the convening, you can watch it below.

You’re Strengthening Language Access in San Francisco

Thanks to supporters like you, CAA and the Language Access Network (LAN) are moving forward with strengthening language access in San Francisco. We take this moment to acknowledge Supervisor Shamann Walton’s leadership as he worked closely with us, LAN and OCEIA to introduce amendments to the current Language Access Ordinance. If passed, it would remove barriers to participation in city processes by encouraging departments to increase bilingual staffing levels as well as increased language services for public health crises and emergencies. Stay tuned!

You’re Fighting Anti-Asian Scapegoating 

CAA and Stop AAPI Hate headed to Florida to join local communities last month as Florida’s SB264 came under review by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The case, Shen v. Simpson, involves a legal challenge to the law restricting property ownership by individuals from China and other foreign countries. These racist land ownership bans continue to rise at an alarming rate and in a growing number of states across the country. With your help, we can defeat them! Learn more about CAA and Stop AAPI Hate’s campaign to defeat anti-Asian rhetoric, discriminatory surveillance measures, and unconstitutional land ownership bans at stoptheblame.org.