Justice Patch is a trusted online resource for Chinese Americans to access in-language information on a host of civil rights, social justice, and civic engagement issues.

In 2019, CAA launched our Chinese Digital Engagement (CDE) program to engage Chinese-speakers in the United States around progressive issues like affirmative action, immigration reform, and racial justice. Since then, we have launched three WeChat accounts — Chinese for Affirmative Action, Chinese American Chats, and Justice Patch — that have collectively become a trusted source of in-language information for tens of thousands of viewers. 

CAA’s growing CDE team has now curated, written, translated, and published more than 500 Chinese language articles on civil rights, social justice, and civic engagement, and organized around critical opportunities including the 2020 Census and last year’s Yes on 16 campaign for affirmative action in California.

This fall, we are excited to announce that the work continues to expand with the launch of JusticePatch.org

JusticePatch.org is a Chinese-language website that aggregates original and translated content from our three WeChat accounts. Because JusticePatch.org will not be subject to the political censorship that occurs on WeChat, readers will have access to a wider selection of content, including more progressive commentary, fact-checks, and news alerts that are too often censored by WeChat. 

Chinese language readers can click here to subscribe to the JusticePatch.org email list or check out CAA’s monthly e-newsletter for updates from our CDE team.