Portsmouth Square
The view of Portsmouth Square from the Chinese for Affirmative Action office. Photo Credit: Albert Law, Pork Belly Studio

2021 brought another challenging year of uncertainty and hardship in the pandemic. Looking back on the past year, we are heartened by the fortitude of our friends, allies, and team members in navigating these times.

We responded to anti-Asian hate by:

We fought for racial equity by:

  • Securing public investments and policy reforms to make unemployment insurance benefits more accessible to non-English speakers 
  • Successfully advocating for the permanent extension of non-citizen voting in San Francisco school board elections, setting a model for the nation
  • Leading the successful campaign to suspend testing requirements in University of California undergraduate admissions, resulting in the most diverse freshman class in UC history
  • Providing food assistance, immigration services, and workshops on COVID-19 relief and other emergency programs to help the most vulnerable in our communities

We changed hearts and minds by:

  • Expanding our pioneering work in Chinese Digital Engagement with the launch of JusticePatch.org, a new Chinese language website that counters right-wing disinformation
  • Raising $26.5 million in public funding for a major cultural facility located in San Francisco Chinatown through the Chinatown Media and Arts Collaborative 

These accomplishments could not have been possible without you — and for that we are deeply grateful for your support of all us at CAA.  

Thank you for standing with us. Together, let’s keep building a world that works for everyone.