SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) is convening a celebration this weekend in honor of Lau v Nichols, a landmark Supreme Court case which expanded language access for immigrant students in schools.

The case originated in San Francisco, where Chinese immigrant students who spoke little to no English were not receiving adequate language assistance in school. The parents of these students filed a class action lawsuit, arguing that the lack of English language instruction was a form of discrimination under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in programs that receive federal funding.

WHO: CAA will bring together students, parents, teachers, and other local stakeholders for a 1-day community convening to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Lau v. Nichols, reflect on continued gaps for multilingual learners and families, and share opportunities for continued advocacy. 

WHAT: The convening will be multiracial and multilingual, including speaker panels on personal stories and expertise relevant to San Francisco history, current education policy, language access, and civil rights. 

WHEN: Saturday, May 4th 2024, 10:30 am to 3:30 pm 

WHERE: UC Law San Francisco (198 McAllister St), formerly UC Hastings

Chinese Translation

諮詢:50 週年社區聚會慶祝 Lau 訴 Nichols 案

加州舊金山 – 華人平權行動組織 (CAA) 本週末將舉辦慶祝活動,紀念劉訴尼科爾斯案,這是最高法院擴大了移民學生在學校語言使用的權利的里程碑,。

該案起源於舊金山。在舊金山, 只會說一點點,甚至完全不會說英語的中國移民學生, 在學校無法獲得足夠的語言協助。這些學生的家長提起集體訴訟,  認為缺乏英語教學就是《民權法》第六章規定的歧視形式,而該法章禁止在接受聯邦撥款資助的項目中,以基於種族、膚色或國籍作出歧視。

人物 : CAA 將召集學生、家長、教師和其他當地利益相關者參加為期 1 天的社區聚會,紀念 Lau v. Nichols 案 50 週年,反思持續存在的多語言學習者及其家庭的差距,並分享繼續倡導的機會。


時間2024 年 5 月 4 日星期六,上午 10:30 至下午 3:30

地點:加州大學法學院舊金山分校(198 McAllister St),原加州大學黑斯廷斯(UC Hastings)分校