April 11, 2019

CAA50 Higher Education Town Hall Recap

On April 10th, Chinese for Affirmative Action hosted “The Future of Asian Americans and Higher Education”, which featured a panel and reception at the Chinatown Campus of City College of San Francisco. The discussion included lessons from CAA’s decades-long struggle…
March 15, 2019

On the Terror Attacks against New Zealand Mosques

Today, all of us at Chinese for Affirmative are simultaneously heartbroken, horrified, and outraged by the terror attacks against New Zealand mosques. The families and friends of the 49 individuals killed have our deepest sympathies, and we express our deepest…
March 15, 2019

From City College in Chinatown to Harvard Admissions

A panel and reception as part of Chinese for Affirmative Action's 50th anniversary year to discuss college admissions scandals, the anti-affirmative action lawsuit at Harvard, and universal and tuition-free public colleges.
February 25, 2019

Rest in Peace and Power Jeff Adachi

To Chinese for Affirmative Action, Jeff Adachi was not only a friend and ally but a true leader. He pioneered efforts to change the media representation of Asian Americans through his film projects, fought to end racism in the criminal justice system through bold policy initiatives, and gave every single one of his clients his all regardless of the odds against them or what they were accused of.
February 6, 2019

Support Grandma Huang

Currently, CAA is assisting the family of Yik Oi Huang, an elderly woman who was assaulted in early January in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood of San Francisco.  The family reached out to CAA to provide support as they navigate the…
November 2, 2018

Immigrant Parents Engage with School Board Candidates

Last week, CAA hosted a community forum with select candidates running for the San Francisco school board in this coming Tuesday’s election. Some newly enfranchised immigrant parent voters will also be making history as non-citizens will finally be able to…
November 2, 2018

CAA50 Media Townhall Recap

On September 27th, CAA launched the first of a series of events to celebrate our 50th year anniversary. Billed as a town hall, CAA convened prominent Asian American news journalists and media pioneers, many of whom were the first Asian…