Photo: A still from our end-of-year social featuring members of the CAA staff.

2020 has been a difficult year for so many. With the pandemic, economic downturn, and high-stakes elections all at once, it was a perfect storm. But with your support, CAA rose to the occasion, and then some. 

As we look back on the year, we are most awestruck at how our diverse team at CAA stepped up.  

Three words come to mind: community, leadership, and resilience. 

Community because of the myriad ways that staff members like Jose, Olivia, Amos, Santosh, Yamuna, Vienna, and Socrates adapted quickly to immediate community needs, whether addressing food insecurity, helping people access unemployment insurance, or responding to the rise in anti-Asian hate incidents. 

Leadership as we watched Crystal, Hong Mei, Annette, Eva, Jinxia, and Sally lead and be recognized as leaders on critical issues such as Census outreach, engaging immigrant communities on digital spaces, economic justice, and affirmative action.

Resilience in the creativity and determination with which Wendy, Kenny, Jessie, John, Hel, Mia, and Lanlian found solutions to continue building with our coalitions and partners, to keep the organization running safely, and to even hold our first virtual Celebration of Justice.  

Ultimately, our movement for a more inclusive and fair society depends on individuals like those with whom we work every day. Like so many of you, at our best we embody a commitment to compassion aligned with an urgency for justice.  

This is the spirit of what we choose to take forward into 2021 — that each of us has the capacity to take care of one another and that together we can. This is also why we remain so passionate about CAA, and are so incredibly grateful for your support of us and our team.

We wish you well and the very best of health.


Cyn and Vin